Keep safe, stay tuned and in control

SMART1 protects the customer’s most valuable asset, the employees. To protect your staff we provide features such as precise indoor location, super-fast group calls, dedicated alarm button, walkie-talkie mode, secure text message and advanced alarm features way beyond normal in a wireless handset.

One phone, multiple users, 24/7

Our solutions are used by more than 500 000 people, on more than 5000 sites. SMART1 is not a cell phone, and you can avoid unauthorized or time consuming apps - SMART1 is rather a work tool that is shared by multiple users every day, and it only works at work!  Drop test, belt clip and multi chargers are some of many features, tailored for work.

The power of system integration

A familiar interface, touch screen and intuitive usage saves time, speeds up the learning curve and instantly gets your staff going. In addition you can integrate alarms, notifications, e-mail, voice calls, building management, fire alarms, nurse call systems or any other system, right out of the box via apps or thru the messaging server that comes as a part of the solution.

No internet connection required

Safe and secure solutions do not rely on 3rd party infrastructure for operations, therefore SMART1 uses both modern and traditional technologies for what they are good at. Our solution both connects to your local network and to your wifi network if you like.  Priority is always stability, availability and safety.

SMART Features

The right blend

Wireless phone, text pager, walkie-talkie and smart phone - all in one. The combination of technologies makes SMART1 a powerful tool.


We reinvented the top-display, known from pagers in the past. Without having to touch the SMART1 device, it will keep you posted with the most urgent notifications.

Purpose built

SMART1 is built for a purpose, the purpose of being robust. Always available and ready to be shared with others. The belt clip, spare battery and drop tests are some the parts making SMART1 unique.

Staff protection

The dedicated alarm button, and built in precise location technology will keep your staff safe in distress situations.

Easy to use

The familiar interface combined with physical buttons is probably the best of two worlds. The charging stations and accessories are all designed for ease of use.

Trouble free

Critical parts, such as wireless voice, alarms and messages are better separated from the wifi network. Wireless is made easy with SMART Access Points.


Features and functions in the Smart1 can always be setup to our customers' individual needs.

SMART1 battery

Spare batteries

Never be out of power. Charge your batteries separately or together with your SMART1, always a free slot available.

Camera access

If you don´t allow cameras at your facility is it possible to block the access to the camera from Smart Manager.


Your, mine or everyone's contact list? Don´t worry, we offer the possibility to synchronize multiple contact lists for your needs. The feature is supplied thru the Smart Manager.



A single mobile handset throughout the hotel for all situations. Voice calls, intercom calls, text messages, staff attack - all in one. Integrate fire alarms and get early notifications in the top display, respond fast and avoid unnecessary situations. Crystal clear audio and seamless handover everywhere in your facility.

Keep your staff in close contact and ready to serve every customer's need at all times. Keep your staff secure in distress situations at all times wherever they are, and get precise location thru out the facility. Read more about our hotel solutions


Maximize your patient interaction time with SMART1. The unique top display shows the most urgent alarms and notifications directly, there is not even a need for touching the device. In most situations, this saves time. Empower your staff to respond faster and take more accurate decisions.

In a distress situation SMART1 is always there. Personal alarm with precise location helps to reduce response time in urgent situations. Walkie-Talkie creates new and fast ways of communication, and better interaction between staff members. Read more


In an environment of steel, radio communication is always a difficult challenge. Our intelligent wireless solution uses dedicated and interference free radio network for all critical information, such as alarms, messages and voice - just to keep your staff safe and ready under all circumstances.

Our unique solutions creates possibilities for everyone to communicate more efficient, respond to needs and requests faster than ever and to increase interaction between groups. Read more


Make your store and brand stand out from the competition. Our wireless solutions enable your staff to respond to customer requests faster than ever.

Imagine what will happen if you have instant access to the collective knowledge of all your employees? We know it would bring some significant improvements in customer interaction and customer satisfaction. Empower your staff with the only efficient tool that brings instant knowledge to everyone’s fingertips. Walkie-Talkie, secure messaging and phone calls in one solutions and as one device. Read more

The SMART System includes


Equipped with belt clip, dedicated alarm button and indoor location technology, to empower and protect staff. HD voice for crystal clear communication.

SMART Access Point

Dedicated frequencies, interference free channels, seamless handover, alarms and messages. All this is included in one dedicated network.

Desktop Charger

Charger for your desk. Charge your phone and battery simultaneously. As a result you will never run out of batteries.

Multi Charger

Charge up to four devices and four batteries simultaneously. Desktop style or additional wall mounted.

SMART Manager

An essential part for the system's everyday operations. SMART Manager keeps devices up to date & distributes apps to the right persons. It stores config-files and keeps track of device condition. 


Industrial grade server for hosting critical applications. You can choose to install your applications in a vm-ware server or to host it in our dedicated server.

SMART IoT accessories

Modern tools make use of smarter accessories. Bluetooth location beacons, NFC tags and other smart and tested tools for new applications

SMART voice accessories

Simplifies communication in certain areas, we create and implement unique user inspired products for specific needs.